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Can You Combine Sport & Vape?

10 Feb

With the growing popularity of the vaping culture, hundreds of myths have popped up. People having switched from conventional cigarettes to electronic ones are discussing benefits and possible drawbacks of using new devices. Online forums are full of enthusiastic reviews about how well-being has improved, stamina increased, etc. Many former smokers manage to successfully combine vaping and sports.

According to most vapers, there is nothing to be feared. Had a stressful day? Make a couple of puffs, relax, clear your head of unpleasant thoughts, and then you can go to the gym to be in shape. Is it so? What advice can experienced vapers give?

Benefits of Vaping

With the invention of vaping, many have changed their attitude towards tobacco smoking. Part of the smokers switched to electronic devices, feeling an improvement in their health. If one studies Internet forums, social media groups and chats, consults experts, one interesting fact will probably be noticed – vapers almost never report any problems with respiratory system.

And former smokers with an experience of at least 5-7 years claim that after switching to e-cigarettes for several months, the following symptoms have disappeared:

  • excruciating cough;
  • feeling of pressure in the lungs during exercise;
  • dyspnea;
  • bad breath;
  • excessive sputum.

Most of the vapers claim that after giving up usual smoking and starting vaping, they have increased their endurance. Such statements are made by people involved in cardio trainings. They also note the restoration of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. .

5 Tips To Help Combine Vaping And Sports

Here some essential tips for the vapers who want to combine vaping with sports. It turned out to be quite an interesting list:

  1. Do not vape immediately before, during and after the training. Try to refrain from using an electronic cigarette 2-3 hours before and after your visit to the gym. True sports fans generally refuse to vape on the day of training.
  2. Reduce the amount of nicotine. Most vapers advise to use a device with a liquid marked from 1 to 3.  In such a way you reduce a possible impact of toxic element on the body, making sports activities more productive.
  3. Drink more clean water. A high concentration of glycerin in the liquid for vaping can lead to dehydration. Try to compensate for liquid loss by drinking at least 1,5 liters of water per day.
  4. Make gradual increase in loads. Withdrawal of nicotine over time leads to weight gain. To maintain the shape, try to gradually increase the load in the hall.
  5. Keep track of your health. Be sure to measure the pulse before and after training. If during physical exertion there is dizziness or darkness in the eyes, check blood pressure.

There is also one important observation from professional athletes who vape. The composition of the vaping liquid affects the well-being during workout. Try to choose liquids without strong flavours, and without nicotine. Remember that labeling on flacons is optional. Even a premium “three” juice can provoke some cough, a discharge of colorless sputum, or dyspnea.