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Is Vaping Legal Or Not

16 Nov

Modern entrepreneurs find new markets very quickly. Vaping immediately became a popular object for the development of own business, because biting the share of the huge tobacco market is an extremely promising idea.

Until recently, the “electronic cigarettes” have not been defined by law. A product that simulates smoking, but in fact is not smoking, could be distributed anywhere without restrictions on the buyer. Although the device can contain a share of nicotine, it is not considered a tobacco product, since it does not contain vegetable tobacco raw materials. In addition, nicotine in small doses is also found in such common plant foods as tomato, eggplant or potatoes.

New Market, New Challenge

Legislative norms did not prevent the manufacture of fluids for vaping and their distribution. The Internet has allowed many individuals to open their own business selling liquids and devices for vaping. The brand products are also available in big shopping centers and marketplaces.

This situation makes the authorities of many countries to reconsider the attitude to vaping. As a result, many states imposed some limitations the market.

There are some adopted bills which:

  • amend the advertising and promo of tobacco products and e-cigarettes in media and on the streets to reduce their attractiveness among young people, especially among minors. Although not smoking, vaping is still unnatural and therefore harmful for minors.
  • provide for a state supervision of selling e-cigarettes, as well as control on their the production and logistics.

Not Ban, But Control

Some legislators anyway understand that whatever the laws are, the younger generation will be still interested in habit of smoking or vaping. They believe that vapes with the flavors can’t cause the younger generation to start smoking regular cigarettes afterwards. It’s better when a person choses a more harmless substitute for a tobacco product, sooner or later giving up standard cigarette at all.

In general, in each country respective legislation mostly concerns licensing for the production and import of liquids, the restriction of the advertising of electronic cigarettes and the regulation of sales outlets and the circle of buyers. There are some demands on control of the quality of devices and juices which can be faked.   

So vaping itself is absolutely legal while market operations are under the state observation. On the other hand, vaping in public places is a matter of manners and ethical attitude to other people. It is still better to avoid vaping in places where smoking is also forbidden.

One thought on “Is Vaping Legal Or Not

  1. I was told by friends that one guy was poisoned with a wipe, since he tucked his fashion with an incomprehensible liquid. All this situation inspired me to think who generally regulates at the legislative level electronic cigarettes. After all, it is unclear what the producers produce in the liquid, what amounts of nicotine and God knows what else

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