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Is Vaping Harmful: What Science Says

22 Sep

Experts believe that the denial of smoking in favor of vaping in the long term leads to a significant reduction in the use of tobacco-related carcinogens and toxins. Regular smoking цas long viewed as normal, but is in fact harmful. Vaping, on the other hand, seems as harmful as smoking, but in fact is not.

Brits for Vaping

The UK National Health Service claims that electronic cigarettes are significantly better for smokers. In their anti-tobacco campaign, service representatives assert that vaping devices do not produce resins and carbohydrate monoxide, because they do not have combustion processes and produce no smoke.

British scientists came to the conclusion that electronic cigarettes are safer than ordinary ones. The corresponding study was published in one of the well-respected journals. It stipulates that experts measured the consumption of harmful concomitant substances by those who use nicotine patches, electronic, and conventional cigarettes. This analysis shows that in the end, smoking of electronic cigarettes is equivalent to the use of nicotine patches. The doctors suggest refusing smoking in general, but they recommend starting this process with the transition to vapes.

New Facts

Today’s research on electronic cigarettes does not allow us to come to an unambiguous conclusion about their benefit or harm. Here are some general ideas:

  • It is known that the main danger of vaping lies in flavoring liquids: the thermal decomposition leads to the release of somewhat toxic substances. But contaminated air we breathe in cities is not clearer at all. Also, some advanced models of vapes allow to regulate the temperature.
  • Nicotine in measurable dosages is not specifically harmful. Moreover, pure nicotine is used in medicine in the form of flakes to treat not only nicotine dependence but also intestinal diseases. The beauty behind the vaping devices is that smokers can use them without adding nicotine into the juices at all.
  • Resins contained in regular cigarettes are even more harmful than nicotine; they do not cause addiction, but physically block the lung tissues. Vaping liquids contain no resins.
  • The most controversial components are flavors. Their variations make a great number of taste, color and composition, which make thorough researches difficult. However, their ingredients are used in food industry and are not considered harmful.

When you vape, passive smoking is not the case either, so people around you will thank you. Hair, clothes and room do not stink with tobacco smoke. So if you are careful in your vaping and follow general rules, you will not have any problems with well-being.

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